Char Cloth!

Char cloth (also called charpaper) is a swatch of fabric made from vegetable fiber (such as linencotton or jute) that has been converted via pyrolysis into a slow-burning fuel of very low ignition temperature. It is capable of being ignited by a single spark that can in turn be used to ignite a tinder bundle to start a fire.[1][2] It is sometimes manufactured at home for use as the initial tinder when cooking or camping and historically usually provided the “tinder” component of a tinderbox. It is often made by putting cloth into an almost airtight tin with a small hole in it, and cooking it in campfire coals until the smoking slows and the cloth is properly charred.

Charcloth ignites with even the smallest spark, and is therefore commonly used with a flint and steel.

-Wikipedia 2015

Starting Up!

Hi. My name is Meagen and I’m the C.E.O. and owner of Char Cloth Productions, LLC. I’m bringing the magic of feature motion pictures to little old Saint Augustine, Florida. I have a Master’s Degree in Film Production with a specialization in Directing–and I want to bring my passion for storytelling back home.

I’m still building up the studio, but as of today I’m open for business–currently shooting commercial work for a real estate company here in town. I’ll also be filming a commercial for a sailing charter business very soon.

Stay tuned!

-MChar Cloth Productions