Sonnet (or Lament) of the Good Father

After an inspirational weekend listening to poetry by Malcolm Guite, as well as a very important discussion with a friend of mine on the current opinion on fatherhood in our country, I was moved to write something like this over the last few days but was unable to put it to page until now. Here it is:


My child I sing for you when sun is spent

And watch for signs you know I long to see

Your face in joy but now our fam’ly rent

By slander crumbles ashen around me

They say I’ve gone and yet I’m here my voice

Echoes in vain beneath celebrity

And news “Fathers are dead” worship her choice

She is all, all alone, wives cannot be

For husbands gone, banished to forgotten

Lore for children ridiculous and lost

“Throw them all out! The good and the rotten.”

Oh generation you know not the cost

You’ve cut down the tree that shades the sapling

Vessel, half made, only emptiness brings


-M. Scott Cain

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