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Video Projects Producer Ratio Christi International Apologetics Ministry

Video Producer/Lighting Director (Creative Team) Christ Chapel Spring Hill, Spring Hill, Tennessee

Cinematographer   Appalachian State College Branch Ratio Christi International (Commercial)

Cinematographer/Director   UT Knoxville Branch Ratio Christi International (Commercial)

CEO Char Cloth Productions, LLC   Saint Augustine, FL

Production Designer     Hush, Written/Directed by Whitney Clinkscales (Drama/Thriller, 2015)

Writer/Director   Nightfall (Horror/Thriller, 2015)

Producer  The Good, the Bad, and the Elderly, Written/Directed by Brian Knight (Comedy, 2015)

Producer   Off the Leash, Written/Directed by Brittany Gutheim (Comedy, 2015)

Sound Designer   How I Killed Pistol Rogers, Directed by Ashlea Patterson (Comedy, 2015)

Sound Designer   Nightfall (Horror, Thriller, 2015)

Sound Mixer/Boom Op     Super Chef, Directed by Rochelle Rose (Comedy, 2015)

Sound Mixer/Boom Op      Wan Mei, Directed by Yiyi Yin (Thriller, 2015)

Sound Consultant    Thank You For the Music, Directed by Spencer Frankeberger (Drama, 2015)

Writer/Director   Not On the Same Paige (Comedy, 2014)

Producer      A Jingle A Go-Go, Directed by Spencer Frankeberger (Comedy, 2014)

Production Designer   Knotted, Directed by Brittany Gutheim (Comedy, 2014)

Art Director   10,000 Hearts, FSU Film 2010

Art Director   Broccoli Monster, FSU Film 2010

Assistant Scenic Designer   Hamlet, FSU School of Theatre 2010