Mountains and Waterfalls

Here is one of my favorite images from the hike this afternoon. It was a comfy 65 degrees and very sunny out in the Smoky Mountain National Park. When we got to the waterfall, we were the only ones who went off-trail and dipped our feet into the icy waters.

I’ll edit and upload many more, but so far this one is the one I’ll really cherish. Water spray was hitting my face and about ten zebra butterflies were dancing around off to my right near a tiny cave in the cliff face.

It was magical. Fav

Boxing Day and Head Shots!

Hope everyone had an amazing Christmas!!! I spent this morning recovering from a food-coma and worked on some head shots of my family members with my tele-photo lens. Along the way, I tried to catch some life in my garden, currently in progress (lots of weeding to do)…